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REA is a modern and efficient company specialising in the production of fixed generators and portable saturated steam cleaning machines.

Our product range has been designed to satisfy the needs of those looking to disinfect, sanitise, sterilise and degrease any type of surface using products which ensure highly reliable solutions.
The technologies we have adopted allow us to offer exclusive products which are ideal for those operating in the mechanical and food industries thanks to their ability to destroy gems and bacteria that no other product can rival.

The REA machines boast high energy savings which fully respect the environment and are produced by skilled operators working in a modern and safe building.

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31. MAY - 02. JUNE 2016
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R.E.A. is a modern, efficient company, specialised in the production of electronic generators and saturated steam cleaning machines.

Products are suitable for anyone operating in the mechanical and food industries with the  requirement to sterilise all types of surface.


R.E.A. machines offer high energy savings while fully adhering to environmental standards, and are produced by qualified operators in safe, modern facilities.

Every R.E.A. product is able to guarantee an extremely high bacteria and germ killing power, unrivalled on the market, due to the use of leading-edge technologies.


Over the years, R.E.A. has built up a really exclusive offer able to satisfy the demands both of consumers and businesses and obtaining total satisfaction.

Today R.E.A. is a recognised, acknowledged reality in Italy - with various different offices -  and in the world –  with resellers and partners in over 15 countries, in all five continents.